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Macron: The United States Is Back As A Cooperative Partner On The International Scene

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French President Emmanuel Macron said his US counterpart, Joe Biden, had convinced allies that the United States was back as a cooperative partner on the world stage.

According to what was reported by the American “The Hill” website, Macron told reporters, after meeting Biden on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit, that the US president’s willingness to cooperate will enable allies to confront global challenges such as the Corona virus pandemic and climate change.

For his part, Biden said, “I think the European Union is a strong and vital entity, which I think is extremely important in Western Europe’s ability, not only to deal with its economic issues, but to provide the basic backing and support for NATO.”

The White House said that the two leaders agreed to deepen relations between the two countries, in addition to enhancing cooperation on the Covid pandemic and climate change, in addition to discussing strengthening NATO, counter-terrorism cooperation and the file of China and Russia.

The actions of former US President Donald Trump regarding this summit raised questions about the feasibility of continuing to hold the summit, which brings together the world’s largest economies annually, even though they are economies that no longer cover only 40 percent of global economic wealth.

During the 2018 summit, Trump withdrew from the Canada summit early and refused to sign the final statement, deeming the forum obsolete.

And media outlets have reported that US President Joe Biden will try, during his visit to Europe, which began last Wednesday, to repair diplomatic relations and treat the painful scars left by his predecessor, Donald Trump, in the relationship with the Europeans, due to attempts of extortion, insults and punitive taxes.

According to what was previously indicated by media outlets, Biden announced his readiness to defuse the outstanding issues, foremost of which is the suspension of imposing further sanctions on the controversial “Nord Stream 2” line.

Despite Biden’s attempts to improve relations with the European Union, he still places the issue of confrontation with China and Russia among the American priorities, in return for “the decline of American interest in the European security file,” according to European media outlets.

While the Americans question Europe’s desire to cooperate with them on the Russia and China files, despite Biden’s goodwill gestures, such as stopping the trade war or suspending the imposition of taxes on some basic materials such as steel, Europeans also question the Biden era, which is dominated by the “transitional” president. . The Democratic president, who is seeking to bring about an internal “coup” against everything Trump has done, does not seem to be in a hurry for solid cooperation abroad, while some analysts consider his policies as “still a legacy of the twentieth century.”

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