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Germany Gives 180 Afghan Collaborators The Right Of Protection And Will Withdraw Them With Its Army In September

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About 380 current and former Bundeswehr collaborators, local citizens of Afghanistan, received acceptance in Germany, and subsequently left their country with the withdrawal of the German armed forces operating within NATO forces in the country 20 years ago, and where it is scheduled to end all Allied forces withdraw by next September.

These directions come to the German authorities, because the lives of these people are threatened by the “Taliban” movement, and because they are required to be protected, in light of the fear of being exposed to the risk of reprisal from the movement because of their cooperation with the Atlantic forces, especially the German army.

In this context, the “ARD” news network indicated that the promise to accept about 380 people who have requests for protection, and who consider themselves threatened by the armed factions in Kabul, translates the commitment of German government departments towards the cooperative local Afghan employees, noting that there are More orders in preparation.

And press reports point out that during the past two years, the German army has employed about 520 Afghans, as translators, for example, and the majority of them have already reported that they are in danger and want to travel with their families to Germany, and that the Taliban considers workers with international forces “traitors” or “infidels”, and threatens By killing them or harming their families.

And the same network stated, yesterday, Friday, that there are now doubts about whether those accepted to reach Germany will be able to leave Afghanistan in time and before the completion of the withdrawal of the German army, knowing that they not only need a travel visa, but also have to arrange their travel trip and pay costs, and this is what raises a number of objections in Germany.

 It should be noted that the German authorities only granted the right to those Afghans who worked with the army during the past two years.

Despite the increasing calls for approval to receive cooperation from local Afghans before that period with German forces on Afghan soil, the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs are still committed only to those who cooperated during the mentioned period with speeding up the procedures, and they do not want to open more regulations There is no plan to make any fundamental changes to this measure, according to a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Interior.

This comes amid reassurances from Chancellor Angela Merkel, as the NTV news website reported, quoting a spokeswoman for the chancellor, that the federal government “takes the concerns of those collaborating with the Bundeswehr very seriously, and there will be treatments for reports that indicate risks with flexibility in Approaches,” adding that at the same time, “there will be an obligation, essentially, to ensure that the collaborators and their families in their home country also have a successful future that enables them to contribute to the further development of the country.”

The German government plans to establish liaison offices in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif.

Several human rights organizations have called on NATO allies in Afghanistan to act urgently to protect local staff cooperating with NATO forces there, in light of the imminent withdrawal of international forces. An open letter sent to several NATO leaders, including Britain, France, Australia, Canada, Germany and the United States, said that the withdrawal of NATO’s armies “imposes the Allies’ responsibility to ensure the safety of current and former Afghan personnel, through evacuation and resettlement.”

Likewise, “Governments must also adopt a flexible and generous approach without arbitrary exclusion, especially since it is clear that these are randomly targeted, regardless of the period or date of service, direct employment or contract, and what is required to increase administrative capabilities to support them, because there is only left Approximately 100 days from ending the withdrawal completely,” according to the (NTV) news site.

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