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Hillary Clinton Announces Her Decision to Run for President

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As voters prepare for the midterm elections in November, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is at record lows, and people are wondering who the Democrats will nominate for president in 2024. Some voters on both sides of the aisle are hoping for an alternative, even though Biden continues to say he’ll run. Hillary Clinton was rumored to be eyeing the position, but she outrightly rejected the notion in a recent interview.

On Tuesday, September 6, Clinton had a conversation with Norah O’Donnell, the host of “CBS Evening News,” about today’s political climate and her future goals.

The former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee in 2016 was asked if she would run for President a third time. Clinton responded emphatically, “No,” but added that she will “do everything” in her power to ensure that the United States gets a leader “who respects our democracy, the rule of law, and our institutions” in 2024.

Clinton also laughed off comparisons made by detractors between the current FBI investigation into documents found at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and the scandal involving her email server from years ago. She requested to Republicans not to put forth the 45th president’s name once more, stating that he would be “soundly defeated.”

Clinton has made it plain she won’t run for president again, but she will continue to have a strong voice and influence inside the Democratic party going forward. What are your thoughts on Clinton’s influence in politics?

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