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Learn About China’s Law On Punishing Foreign Companies

In the face of intense US pressure on its companies, China has passed a new law to counter foreign...

The First Comment From China On The Military Partnership Agreement Between America, Britain And Australia

The Chinese Embassy in the United States of America said that America, Britain and Australia should abandon the "Cold...

Left-Wing Opposition Wins Legislative Elections In Norway

The final results of the Norwegian general elections, which took place on Monday, resulted in a decisive victory for...

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Russia Slapped With New Sanctions

On December 15, the US and the EU governments simultaneously imposed additional sanctions against the Russian Federation and its oligarchs. As a result of...

US To Begin Refilling Oil Reserves

In 2021, as the world began to return to normal following COVID-19, gasoline demand rose, sending prices soaring across the nation. To help with...

US Deputy AG Says Social Media Companies Need To Fight Fentanyl Crisis

One of the most hazardous medicines available in the US today is fentanyl. It takes extremely little of it in its pure form to...

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