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Michelle Obama Reveals Difficult 10-Year Period With Barack

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The former president and his wife, Michelle Obama, appear to have a solid union. The couple has acknowledged that things haven’t always been peaches and cream in their marriage. Recently, the former first lady opened up about a particularly trying period in their marriage.

Michelle participated in a Revolt TV roundtable with a group of celebrities in December. She mentioned a 10-year period when she “couldn’t stand” her husband during the talk. The former first lady claimed that the incident occurred when Sasha and Malia were still relatively little.

Michelle claims that the challenging period in her marriage happened when the former president’s political career was taking off, and she was mainly in charge of taking care of the children. Marriage isn’t 50/50, ever, ever, she said.

The former first lady of the United States explained to her fellow panelists, H.E.R., Winnie Harlow, Kelly Rowland, and Tina Knowles-Lawson that there had been instances when Barack has given 30% while she has given 70%, or when he has given 60% while she has given 40%. She advised married couples to endure those challenging moments because they frequently pass. Michelle noted that some people quit after five years but claimed she made it through the tough ten years and has been happily married for thirty years.

Do you agree with the former first lady about trying to stick it out even when a marriage is difficult?

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