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“Haaretz” Monitors The Reasons For The Increasing Criticism Of Israel In The American Democratic Party

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The newspaper “Haaretz” attributed the growing criticism of Israel during the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip among the American Democratic Party to the impact of the killing of black citizen George Floyd on the collective consciousness of blacks and belonging to minorities who represent the majority of the party’s voters.

The newspaper pointed out that Floyd’s killing contributed to historical shifts in the attitude toward Israel within the Democratic Party, which was expressed by the increase in the bloc within the party that is currently pressing President Joe Biden to change policy toward Israel, and expresses strong opposition to the continuation of the occupation and great sympathy with the Palestinians.

The newspaper pointed out that the Democratic Party is witnessing initiatives calling for the use of force in order to bring about change in the Middle East, and takes into account the suffering of the Palestinians under occupation.

The newspaper pointed out that Biden discovered during the recent aggression on Gaza that the progressive camp in the Democratic Party led by Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Oxy-Cortez is no longer a minority within the Democratic Party, especially in everything related to the position on Israel, which forced him to intensify pressure on Occupation during the cease-fire aggression.

The newspaper pointed out that the end of the aggression on Gaza did not convince the leaders of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party to stop their criticism of Israel, noting that Congressman Corey Bush wrote on her account on “Twitter”: “The cease-fire puts an end to the bombing, not the violence … the Israeli occupation It continues, the blockade (of Gaza) continues, ethnic cleansing continues, and our administration must stop funding the status quo of apartheid.”

The newspaper noted that the progressive wing’s stances on Israel are now being heard in the mainstream in the Democratic Party.

What increases the chances that Biden will submit to the new trends in the Democratic Party, as the newspaper sees, is the fact that he realizes that securing victory in any elections requires ensuring the support of youth and minorities, noting that 500 young members of his electoral campaign sent a message to him asking him to pressure Israel and protect The Palestinians will continue to reverberate in the Oval Office.

According to Haaretz, the message from Biden campaign members stated: “While the Israelis spent the nights in bomb shelters, the Palestinians in Gaza had nowhere to hide. on the Gaza Strip, which has become an uninhabitable open-air prison,” the letter stated.

The newspaper stressed that the shifts in the party’s positions came as an expression of the shift in its voters’ attitudes toward Israel, noting that a recent Gallup poll revealed that 53% of Democratic voters want the United States to increase pressure on Israel. According to the poll, 78 percent of Democrats in 2021 would prefer a democratic Israel, even at the cost of de-identifying it as a Jewish state.

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