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Suez Canal Authority: We Will Not Resort To International Arbitration In The Case Of The Stranded Ship

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The Suez Canal Authority announced, on Sunday, that it would not resort to international arbitration in the case of the Panamanian ship that ran aground in the waterway more than two months ago.

This came during a press conference organized by the authority to review the latest developments in the negotiating and legal file of the case of the container ship “Ever Given”, which ran aground in the Suez Canal and disrupted the shipping lane for 6 days, according to local media.

The state-owned newspaper, Al-Ahram, quoted international lawyer Khaled Abu Bakr, a member of the legal and negotiating team, as saying, “International arbitration will not be resorted to, because the Egyptian judiciary has original jurisdiction in the case of the delinquent ship, as it took place on Egyptian territory.”

Abu Bakr added that “the company that owns the Panamanian ship has expressed its goodwill to negotiate by holding meetings with the Suez Canal Authority, to reach mutually satisfactory solutions.”

And on Saturday, the Ismailia (East) Economic Court postponed hearing the case to the next session on June 20, to “allow an opportunity to negotiate as requested by the parties to the case.”

The head of the Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabie, announced last week that the value of the compensation required for the delinquency of the giant container ship “Ever Given” in this waterway in March was reduced to 550 million dollars, instead of 916 million previously.

Ahmed Abu Ali, a member of the Japanese company’s lawyer team, told Reuters last Sunday that the authority’s request for compensation for the accident obliges the authority to prove the ship’s fault, which the authority has not proven. He added that there are indications that the cause of the accident was a mistake on the part of the authority, which allowed the ship to pass in unfavorable weather conditions, which caused it to ran aground.

On March 29, the Egyptian authorities announced the success of floating the ship after 6 days of stranding and closing the waterway of the canal. compensation value.

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