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Republican’s Leaked Texts Show Something AWFUL

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Kelly Loeffler Text Messages Leaked to Public

Even though the contested presidential election of 2020 took place almost two years ago, it continues to impact American politics significantly. Recent text message leaks to former Georgia Republican senator Kelly Loeffler have provided fresh insight into what transpired after the controversial vote.

In the general election of 2020, Loeffler competed against Raphael Warnock of the Democratic Party. Warnock defeated her in the highly publicized runoff election. The exiting senator got a string of texts from other conservative politicians in the days preceding the outcome, all of which were an attempt to persuade her to support former President Donald Trump’s allegations of election fraud and reject the results. She said she was thinking about it.

Among those who allegedly appealed to the senator were Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Jody Hice (R-GA).

After she was ousted from her Senate seat and rioters surrounded the Capitol Building on January 6, Loeffler abandoned any planning to back up Trump’s assertions. After the attack, she claimed in a speech on the Senate floor that she couldn’t object to the election’s certification because of her “good conscience.” As “a clear attack on the American democratic process,” she condemned the disturbance. However, she reaffirmed her view that the election had irregularities.

Do you think this story reflects poorly on Kelly Loeffler?

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