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Erdogan: Turkey Is On The Cusp Of A Growth Spurt This Year And The World’s First Safe Tourism Certification

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his confidence that his country will record an economic growth boom in 2021, exceeding all estimates, while Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nader Alp Aslan, confirmed that the certificate of safe tourism in Turkey has become the first in the world.

Erdogan was speaking today, Wednesday, during his participation in the meeting of the parliamentary bloc of the “Justice and Development Party”, at the parliament headquarters in the capital, Ankara, explaining that Corona had put the country before a test of the strength and effectiveness of the health system, and added: “Thank God, we passed this test.”

He pointed out that his country mobilized all its capabilities and capabilities to preserve the health, security, work and livelihood of the people for the 14 months of the Corona pandemic, according to what Anatolia reported, stressing that at a time when many countries, including the developed, experienced confusion due to Corona. Turkey faced this critical stage with minimal losses, thanks to its strong infrastructure and qualified medical staff.

He added that his country has provided all forms of support and facilities to citizens and traders in order to continue the production and employment process in light of the pandemic. He said, “I am confident that the (economic) growth rate in Turkey during the year 2021 will exceed estimates by stages.”

He pointed out that the government has taken additional measures to reduce the fragility caused by manipulations in the financial markets at times, which has nothing to do with Turkey’s economic reality. He stressed that the Justice and Development Party, upon its coming to power in 2002, pledged to achieve growth in the country on 4 bases: education, health, the judiciary, and security.

He referred to the major projects and reforms that the country has achieved in these areas during the last 19 years. Regarding the new constitution to be drafted, Erdogan said that “it will emerge from the conscience and conviction of our people, and it will be the most valuable legacy we leave for future generations.”

Safe tourism certificate is mandatory

On the other hand, Nader Alp Aslan, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that all tourist accommodation facilities in his country will be required to obtain a “safe tourism certificate” issued by his ministry, and that facilities that do not own them will not be allowed to operate.

This came in statements he made to Anadolu Agency today, Wednesday, during an event organized by the ministry in the state of Antalya (south), under the title “Safety for Tourism”, stressing that the ministry’s goal is to “raise the value of the Turkish tourism brand to a higher level globally.”

He also stressed that the certificate of safe tourism in Turkey has become the first in the world, and it has received great appreciation, as other countries have begun to apply it, noting that the certificate of safe tourism will become mandatory in all tourist accommodation facilities, airports and travel agencies.

In a related development, Alp Aslan pointed out that there is a great demand for tourism in Turkey, especially from Europe and Russia. He continued, “We are not worried about the issue of demand. It is enough just to activate air traffic, and the countries of Europe and Russia remove obstacles to the arrival of tourists.”

It is noteworthy that the Safe Tourism Certification Program imposes a set of widely proposed measures that will be applied to all citizens and foreign visitors who will spend their holidays in Turkey.

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