“Lada” Leads The Russian Car Market, Followed by “Kia Rio” and “Hyundai Creta”


The prestigious Russian company “Lada” topped the list of best-selling companies in the domestic car market during the first seven months of this year, followed by the South Korean company “Kia”.

A rating prepared by the specialized site “Focus to Move” shows that the “Lada” Granta car occupied the first position in car sales from the beginning of the year until the end of July, followed by “Lada Vesta” and then “Kia Rio”, while the performance The “Awesome” recorded by the “Chevrolet Niva” placed it in sixth place.

In details, the Russian brand put the two mentioned models on the podium, and won 3 positions among the 10 best-selling cars in Russia.

Practically, until July 2021, Lada Granta remained the unrivaled market leader, selling 82,093 cars since the beginning of the year and capturing 8.6% of the local market share. It was thus ahead of “Lada Vista”, which announced the sale of 67,254 units, with a market share of 7.1%, followed by “Kia Rio” with the sale of 50,390 units, with a market share of 5.3%.

Hyundai Creta ranked fourth, with sales of 4,046, with a share of 4.6%, followed by Hyundai Solaris, which moved up one notch in the new classification, and then the fast-growing Chevrolet Niva, which moved up 19 places, as the first sold 38,133 units, with a share of 4%. The second is 34,663 units, with a share of 3.6%.

In seventh place, Volkswagen Polo, which fell by two places, sold 32,756 units, with a share of 3.4%, followed by “Skoda Rapid”, which advanced two degrees, and sold 27,620 cars, with a market share of 2.9%, followed by “Lada” Largus, which declined a notch and sold 26,098 units with a 2.7% stake.

In tenth place on the list, Renault Duster entered the leaderboard by jumping two places and selling 21,967 cars, with a market share of 2.3%.

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