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Kamala Harris Makes RACIAL Request – A Scary Demand!

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Kamala Harris Wants to Hand Out Supplies Based on “Equity” and Race

Hurricanes are not prejudiced. Ian left a path of devastation along Florida’s west coast that didn’t give a damn about how much money people made, how much they spent on their homes, or the color of their skin. It touched down and carried out what hurricanes do. Vice President Kamala Harris decided to make it about race shortly after the destruction destroyed people from all walks of life.

On September 30, Harris responded to inquiries at a DNC event about topics like climate change as a large portion of the Florida peninsula surveyed the damage from a catastrophic storm that had ravaged the state. Soon, the case of Hurricane Ian’s rescue and recovery activities and other significant weather occurrences came up.

Harris made it apparent in her statements that she believes communities of color are the ones that most need assistance and relief. According to the vice president, vulnerable populations are more severely impacted by natural catastrophes since recovering from poverty is far more challenging than from luxury. The government should therefore begin relief operations from a perspective of equity rather than traditional “equality,” meaning that for some, the legal help will be more than adequate while it won’t be nearly enough for others, according to the country’s second-in-command.

Harris started dodging inquiries about the comment immediately to make it appear that she was conveying two different messages. The message was apparent to many: communities of color need more assistance. Republicans retaliated right away. On behalf of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), Christina Pushaw referred to Harris’ assertion as total fiction. She stated that all Floridians, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation, have full access to the assistance they require.
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